Music is my fucking passion

Ra's Vertigo; Rapper, songwriter and artist. His musical portfolio contains a wide range of emotions and styles. From the energetic 'Soms heb ik genoeg' to the more sensitive tracks such as 'Y.M.E.'

He however doesn't merely confine himself to the realms of music but also likes to dabble his toes in philosophy and exploring the human mind. We see these interests put back into his music as he explores his troubled childhood and everything that comes with that.

"There's so much more music and things on the way! Times will change." - Ra's Vertigo

Last updated: March 2023

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Last updated: March 2023

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Ra's Vertigo - SKITTA

ra's vertigo - SOMS HEB IK GENOEG (ft. Tommie Rose & Onno Roos )