What is wallplug?

Wallplug is a collective founded by young creatives who aim to see their stars thrive. We support artists in all sorts of fields. From music to video, to traditional art, we work closely with them to make sure they are in the best conditions to produce work they are proud of. We aim to raise up small and local artists and allow them to further develop themselves in a culture of open-minded thinkers with different or similar expertise. 

As of recently, we also have a range of streetwear clothing that we produce in cooperation with artists to create innovative and refreshing new clothing lines. We are constantly trying to explore better ways of producing our clothing, our next goal in this endeavour is making it cut and sew. 

At Wallplug we are constantly working on our content to elevate it to greater heights. We do this by investing in our platforms and clearly communicating with our artists.

Aside from our current focus on music, we are also working on some video projects and building up our repertoire.