Onno Roos

"i just like to do stuff".

Hi my name is Onno Roos i was born march 23 2002 Hoorn, NL. I’m mostly busy with visual design and I'm often found in my studio drawing and painting. I also do the music videos for our wallplug artists and design the Wallplug merchandise.


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From a young age i’ve been busy with drawing and painting. My family often told stories about Warhol, Basquiat and Haring. Art was a common topic talked about at home but it didn’t really intrest me at first. It was when i got older i automatically was drawn to the world of creation.

During my high-school time at OSG-WestFriesland i started drawing regularly and learned a lot. It was in this period where Knucklefuck was born from doodles in my notebook and Wallplug was created by a group of friends.

It accured to me that there were a lot of other creative kids walking around with the same ideas and ambitions. I thought that that was a beautifull thing and we wanted to do something with it. Showing other people what we’re able to do with just our talents. THIS IS US, A GROUP, A COLLECTIVE, WALLPLUG.

Selfportret OSG 2019

I live with my mother and my brother Tommie Rose in Hoorn. In the city we have a studio where we can work. The workplace is part of the Achterom 19 studio's, a building with multiple studio’s for artists to work including my neighbors STHOM artist and Carel Brouwers. In this room we have the space to experiment and dive into projects.

I think with my art it’s mostly about feelings and expressing yourself. Often it’s about things such as love, loneliness and wonder. I try to stay curious and have a positive influence but I also very much like to be relatable for people like me. Youngsters are curious and wandering.


I enjoy my life and I'm very thankful for the things that came on my path. Always excited for the future. 

De Kringloop ft. Tommie Rose

"What started as a schoolproject became more."

in 2019

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