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Wallplug's signed artists.

Ra's Vertigo

Ra's Vertigo; Rapper, songwriter and artist. His musical portfolio contains a wide range of emotions and styles. His live performances are extremely energetic and unique. He might even bust out some dance moves.


Tommie Rose

Starting with making music when he was just 16 years old, Tommie has grown to a very diverse rapper. With inspiration from the greats such as DOOM, he is always exploring new avenues in rap.

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Tessa Rose

Tessa Rose is a producer, singer and generally talented artist. After dropping her first single in 2021, she is now working on a new album together with the rest of the collective. We're excited to have her on board.


Onno Roos

Painter, videographer and photographer. Onno Roos is a mixed-media artist who has previously also dabbled in music. He now focusses on illustration.

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Featured artists

Artists we love to work with.


Independent visual artist from Hoorn. Known for his thought provoking critiques on society, global warming and unique art style. Sthom. is truly an icon of Hoorn's cultural sector.

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Dyango recently joined forces with Wallplug, currently working on a new album with the rest of the collective. His music will make you feel all types of ways.

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Don’t forget that we humans are all spiritual beings, so all art is spiritual in my opinion. I like to see myself more like a wandering spirit or a traveller, wondering around and getting lost most of the time.


Jaap Stiemer

Artist through and through. Whether you know him from his writing, art, photography or his live performances with 'Gesproken woord.' His work is centered around showing 'people you would be interested in meeting'.

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