Wallplug introduces new presskits.

by Calvin Heldoorn on Mar 26, 2023

We are happy to announce brand new presskits for our artists and Wallplug itself. 

Over the past couple of months, we have slowly been revising our entire site. After we updated the site to fit our more sleek design language, we thought it was time to revisit our presskits as well. 

For Tommie Rose and Ra's Vertigo we have introduced a single download button on both of their pages that includes a PDF and folder with photos. The contents are still a bit bare at the moment, but we plan to update them around every 3 months or so, or when a big event has come up.

Wallplug itself has also seen some changes in design, such as our fonts. We have laid these changes out in our new presskit, and hope to have made it easier to understand.

As for these blogposts, we will now be doing them at least once a month. 

Stay tuned for more information!